1$ = 13.62 - 1 = 15.44

To be used for during arterial blood draw, inserting an Intravenous (IV) line, in the Emergency Room, or for trauma cases.

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To be used for during basic care, standard isolation, cover gown for visitors, or in a standard medical unit

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Face Masks

75 g. Meltblown face mask, bacterial filtration 96%. High bacterial filtration efficiency. Thanks to the special filter in the middle ply, it has an anti-bacteria feature.

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face mask

Dimensions 52 cm, double-sided elastic rubber, flexibility to suit any size.

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Mayamed Medical Textile

Mayamed Tekstil, also known as Maya Medical, is a medical textile production and export company established in Istanbul.

Maya Medical, which operates in the fields of production and export in the medical textile sector with its 15 years of experience; It produces and exports medical products to the leading countries of Europe and various countries of the world, both to private companies and government institutions. Thanks to its large production capacity and using the latest technology production tools and quality textile materials; meets the demands in the production of wholesale medical textile products.

Our products

Among the product titles we produce, there are disposable face masks, disposable gowns, surgical gowns, isolation gowns, protective overalls, disposable caps, disposable gloves, washable and reusable masks, gowns, uniforms and overalls and many other product types.  By visiting the products page, you can see all the product categories and products, and access all the information and certificates of the products. You can order products by creating a membership on our website or by contacting us directly.


Our references include many government agencies such as the German Ministry of Health, the US Ministry of Health and Human Services, the French Ministry of Health, and the Italian Ministry of Health. You can review all of them by visiting our references page and get an idea to join our happy customers who are satisfied with the service we provide.

Our Quality Certificates

In addition, the quality of Mayamed Tekstil is certified by the sector certificates it has received. If you wish, you can view all company and product certificates on the certificates page. On the product pages, you can access all information such as the certificate, product information, and features of the relevant product.


Some of our valuable business partners we work with.

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image Germany Ministry of Health
image US Ministry of Health
image Red Cross
image Serbia Ministry of Health
image Belgium Ministry of Health
image Albania Ministry of Health
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